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Cabot Trail Adventures 

Half and Full Guided Hiking Tours:

Full Day Hikes

Cape St Lawrence Coastal Meadows

This challenging and rewarding tour begins and ends in Meat Cove.  The route follows old roads and trails constructed by early highlands settlers. We walk over a forested ridge and descend towards the ocean. While walking along the ocean, we visit two coastal meadows, including historic lighthouse foundations.  

Cost per Person $145 plus tax

Money Point Lighthouse

Join our all day guided hike to the former site of Cape Breton's Northern most lighthouse. Visit the foundations and here the stories of the people who lived in this majestic wilderness. Visit the lighthouse ruins, hear about local shipwrecks and the fate of their crews.

It offers a near-level hour hike before a half-hour, 1,200 ft. steep single-track descent arriving at sea level in a kilometers-long ocean-side pasture. 

After exploring the pasture the group takes a lunch break near the site of the northernmost light in Nova Scotia, while watching sea birds  from shore. Up until 2010 this was a fully-operating lighthouse. Now dismantled, a solar-powered strobe light guides mariners from this location. After lunch the tour continues back along the coastal pasture to the remains of a shipwreck. Our return route takes us back up the mountain. Total hiking time is about five to six hours. This tour is only for fit individuals as it involves steep, on-trail climbing, and rough terrain

Cost per Person $145 plus tax

Half Day Guided Hikes

Kauzman Trail

This gentle half day hike starts on top of the north mountain range. We hike out across the top, over fairly level terrain. The forest is unique, with heavy moose browsed sections and highland grasslands. The trail leads to a bare windswept ridge, jutting out 1200 ft above the North Atlantic. The ridge offers a stunning view of the sea, exposed to all the eastern skyline. Ideal for families with a sense of adventure, this hiking experience offers an insight into what moose country actually is.

Price $95 per person, plus tax

White Point Coastal Hike

Perfect for families and larger groups, this hike is one of the gentlest coastal trails in the region. Starting in a small local fishing village and stretching out over an exposed coastal meadow, this trail offers a wonderful vista of the highlands and the sea. We will explore the local fisheries and a few of the many shipwreck stories from the area. This trail offers excellent eagle viewing opportunities, as well as other seabirds and seals.

Price $95 per person, plus tax

Hiking Requirements: All Hikes

  • Sturdy Shoes (Runners, Hikers) (No toe shoes, barefoot runners, open toed sandals)
  • Small backpack
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Sun Protection
  • Light windbreaker or heavy raincoat
  • Some physical fitness (please let us know your conditions and state of health, we will work with you!)
  • Please bring a picnic lunch on full day hikes, we provide a snack on both half day and full day tours